Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Heres 3 more great john peel sessions that are available to download from amazon at the great price of
£1.69 each, the 1st is from september 1977 and features
1 Fast Cars
2 Moving away from the pulsebeat
3 What do i get?
this session has a great version of "fast cars",which sounds truly fresh and exciting even after 33 years, next is "moving away from the pulsebeat",which for the year 77 was a truly great punk track which was a hell of a brave thing to do at the time,bearing in mind most bands knocked out 2-3 minute songs! final track on this 1st session is a personal favourite of mine which is "what do i get?" yet another great raw sounding version of this single release.
Next cd is the session from april 1978,featuring the b-side of "love you more" which was "noise annoys" a quick 3 minute blast of poppy guitar riffs,then 2 album tracks from the 2nd album "Love bites" of "walking distance" and the truly awesome instrumental "Late for the train" with the thundering drums and buzzsaw guitars make this a truly great track.
Final cd in this set is from october 1978 and features the singles "Promises" and the b-side of "Lipstick" with the guitar riff of "shot by both sides" appearing throughout the track, "Sixteen again" from the "Love bites" album and the single "Everybodys happy nowadays" there is a 4th in this set from 1979 which i havnt got around to downloading yet, but i can recommend all three of these download only releases.


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