Monday, 31 October 2011


Not to missed i thought when i saw the advert for this gig,and as it fell when i was on a late finish at work it was even better! the fingers where one of the 1st bands i ever saw live, in fact there where probably THE 1st! as i saw them at my 1st ever proper gig in 1978 supporting the Tom Robinson Band at Sheffield city hall,(still got the ticket stub and the TRB badges!),so 30 years later here i am again revisiting a part of my youth,not quite sure how many times ive seen SLF but it was more then once and the Sheffield Top Rank and poly spring to mind as well.The plug in sheffield is a great place,a medium sized venue,with a truly great bar running the length of one side and unlike the 02 Academy serves up some proper drinks,such as stella,peroni,san miguel,bulmers cider etc,and at a good price and quality unlike the 02 where its the usual water ie carling,carlsberg,heienken and god forbid tuborg!the support act was The Fuckwits, I didnt really take much notice of them so i cant really comment,So on comes the fingers to a great reception and stright into a set list of classic tunes,which included,(not 100% sure)johnny was,suspect device,alternative ulster,at the edge,nobody's heroes,common people,doesnt make it alright,tin soldiers,what i liked about seeing the fingers again was the way jake burns took the time out to explain the meanings behind the lyrics of most songs between playing them and nice to see that the fire hasnt gone out with some of jake's statements!nice to see a very good crowd on a wednesday night and a very mixed one with quite a few youngsters rubbing shoulders with the older fans from old!and also some great stuff on sale as well! i even treated myself to a SLF tee shirt for next summer,the 2 mates i went with,one had never seen them before and he was well impressed and this lad does a LOT of gigs,my other mate was in the same boat as me having seen them over 30 years ago and we had a on going chat over the next couple of days about the gig,on leaving the plug we where given a flyer with a an all day punk festival on in december featuring the buzzcocks,angelic upstarts,king kurt,and the subhumans amongst others...WATCH THIS SPACE.


Saturday, 29 October 2011


Waterstones in Sheffield town city have been holding regular book signings over the last couple of weeks and with Jarvis having a new book out it just couldn't go amiss now could it?The book is called Mother,Brother,Lover and is basically his lyrics from early days to present,and how he approaches writing them,as I'm born and bred in Sheffield quite a lot of the words mean something to me,places mentioned and characters from  Sheffield who i either know or know off,Now Jarvis is a  a great one off character,who as we all know stuck to his guns from the late 70s early 80s with his band pulp until finely they made it big time,Anyway here  we where on a rainy Thursday afternoon,myself ,wife and son outside waterstones where a queue had been forming from 11.30ish although the signing didn't start till 5.30,and there was loads arriving to join the queue which was all nice and friendly with staff giving out numbered tickets to stop people pushing in etc,A very mixed crowd with students rubbing shoulders with  middle aged fans,young teenagers stood at the side of office workers all with one thing in common,they liked Jarvis cocker! and all clutching newly purchased copies of said book,finely the queue started moving and we all followed it around the shop (by way of the Xmas best sellers!) and there we where when the great man himself walked in! sporting long hair dripping with rain and a knee length overcoat and best of all his little dog in a coat on a lead!! great stuff! no superstar here! the queue steadily moved over the next hour and finely we made it to the signing area where we patiently waited until we where "Summoned" by the great cocker,with his dog laid on a settee resting his neck on the arm it made a great sight,and as my wife handed Jarvis her book he enquired of my son's name and said hi to him and he pointed to some light refreshments and came out with a great quote "help yourself to biscuits and grapes"what a great star! my wife was speechless which is unusual for her! thanks Jarvis you are a great star!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Dr Feelgood Hanley Victoria hall 1977

The Feelgoods  live at the victoria halls hanley 1977,not sure if wilko is still in the line-up on this recording,but the feelgoods yet again are one of my favourite bands,mostly there early stuff,and of course another link back to the jam and paul weller with weller taking his image from the great wilko!


Yet another clean up of my PC, i was downloading something and it was basically saying NO ROOM! so its getting cleared with loads of stuff deleted and mostly pictures and artwork saved,so good news for all you followers of the blog as there will hopefully be a lot of music put up this week!,here's the vapors from 1980 one of my favourite bands,of which i have previously blogged there New Clear Days debut album,for more about this album view HERE

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


The rods live in london at the bbc paris theatre 1977,not got the actual date,however this is a great recording of one of the 1st bands that i listened to,not quite punk more pub rock,whatever you want to call it,they ripped up the establishment with there great short rocking tunes.

Monday, 3 October 2011



Who would have thought that? blistering heatwave, the shops suddenly takin xmas decorations off the shelves and restocking with charcoal! bring it on!!!