Friday, 18 May 2012


Things in life can go full circle,from the age of 20 onwards when my mod/punk period ended and all the great bands i had followed had split up,i strayed down different paths,from around 1983 or so music took a great big back seat,all my mod gear got sold off to the younger up and coming mods in the area and i descended into the arms of the designer labels,however over the last 30 years ive been a constant customer of a shop called Direction,The shop has been selling quality clothes for well over 30 years and the same lad has owned it all that time,and he has always been ahead of fashion,last week i was in and bought a Pretty Green tee shirt,proudly walking back along woodseats with my purchase in a direction bag, and this has been a regular thing since 1983,me with a big smirk on my face with a direction bag walking along woodseats,i did this 30 years ago and still doing it now, as was commented to me by a old school friend,"you never change" so where is this leading?To start with ive had nearly every type of "the latest" pair of jeans thats come out over the last 30 years,far to many to mention and describe,So here i am with my 1st pair of levi 501s in around 15 years,took me a while to get the right fit,years ago they where just the one shade and  style now theres loads of different colours, me i want the traditional ones the ones i had back in 79-80!
I dont know the history in great detail of the 501s but various youth cultures over the last 50 years have made it there own, they feel like no other jean,and a slight alteration makes them the property of "your culture! the teddy boys and the rockabillies would buy longer fits and turn them up by 4-5 inch, the skinheads would have them cut and turned halfway between the knee and the ankle to show off the tops of the DMs,punks would rip em, mods would turn them up by 1 inch, some would bleach them,i once  bleached a pair of old levi's when i was 16 back in the summer of 1980,it was belting down with rain and my parents where away,my best mate was round at ours and we had 2 pairs of jeans in a bucket of bleach sat right in the middle of the garden,when there was a knock at the door,on opening the day there was stood there a little old woman around 80 years old with a young boy maybe 7 or 8,she was my mums cousin from dublin and she had on the spur of the moment come over to england and decided to visit us via manchester,she came in and stopped a couple of hours to just dry off,by this time me and my mate had completely forgot about the jeans outside in the bucket,when we did we ran out and found we now had 2 pairs of completely white 501s,not quite ruined but not quite what we where after!,i had at one time 8 pairs of 501s,thats all i ever wore,along with Fred Perry and Ben Sherman's that was my kind of uniform.
Why the post? well im back in them, on an evening out i had 501s,Fred Perry polo and black Loafers,and you know it brought a tear to my eye,here i was dressed as i used to do all the time back in the day,when it was my normal attire,and i never thought twice about what i was wearing as i always knew it looked great, i looked at myself and realised that it felt right and why all those years of  following various (good and bad) fashions seem just wasted when i should have stuck to what i know and love(d) so thats me done im back in  my fav 501s,like all great classics they will never go out of fashion,simply stylish and easy to wear and the more washes the better the look! My wardrobe is starting to look like it did back in the late 70s and early 80s