Monday, 4 March 2013


Taking photos has never been easier,gone are the days of composing your shots and hoping the light and your subject is all present and correct,everybody owns a camera these days or near enough,great Apps such as hipstamatic and instagram make taking even the most ordinary shots look interesting and different,i tend to take quite a lot using my Ipod and using various Apps to achieve a great looking picture,the possibilities are endless,10 people could take the same subject matter and achieve 10 different photos,I'm not banging on about the qualities of such Apps go and download them yourself and have fun trying them out,most are free and if you want to expand the possibilities of these apps pay a couple of quid and Hey Presto!
Here's a photo i took a while back,its an old mill on the side of the Sheffield canal,just before Bernard road bridge,at times the canal is a great looking place and very interesting,and different again from walking the river don which is maybe half a mile away,as you can see i took this on a still day with the buildings on the far bank reflected in the stillness of the canal,i used Snapseed to bring out the colours in the buildings and the canal.Next photo is again of the tinsley canal this time the bacon lane bridge area one of my favourite spots on the canal, a great place to sit and fish for a couple of hours,which i must add i did quite a a hell of a lot a long time ago on this lovely stretch,recently the fishing gear has been back out and i had a great couple of hours on here in early october fishing just up to the reed beds on the far side of the canal just at the side of the bridge
so anyway i probably went a bit far with editing this picture with bringing out the colours way to much,a bit over the top,yet again it was a still day and the reflection shows in the water,ive taken quite a few pictures of this part of the canal thru the various seasons and each one looks different,its certainly an oasis in the middle of industrial sheffield!