Friday, 10 July 2015


Just like waiting for a bus, there's none for ages then two come at once! A return to the scene after being dormat for  what seems like the proverbial eternity, The Hawley appears with first and foremost a new bunch of songs, filled with observations, love, hate,angst and the odd ballad,all thrown in the high storrs mixer ,poured on to 12 inches of the finest black vinyl money can buy (well £17.99) and played extremely loud!
But hang on there's a tour!!! Yes the annual autumn tour and probably Hawleys biggest and most ambitious sheffield date so far, the cavernous arena!  Of course with his own twist on the frivolities, and with a nod towards the arenas locality slap bang  in what was once the epicentre of the steel industry, half of the arena is being used and turned into The Steel Hall, Yet another new venue in sheffield he will have played as a solo artist,slowly but surely the Speccy git from firth park chalks another venue of f his ever increasing list of  pubs, clubs, barrooms, chippys,tents oh and the odd concert hall, Where will it all end?

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Well looky here! its been a while since this chap showed his biscuit!!! Mr Hawley returns with another Sheffield titled album, Hollow Meadows is situated in the sheffield 6 district go and explore! all the info regarding the new album is here, go and buy the vinyl edition!

Richard Hawley

Recorded at Sheffield's Yellow Arch Studio in spring 2015, HOLLOW MEADOWS sees Hawley return to the classic, sophisticated songwriting and subtle arrangements that made him so widely loved and revered in the first place. Meditating on such themes as ageing, fallibility and relationships, much of the album shares a brooding, yet wistful and romantic atmosphere in keeping with early albums Late Night Final and Lowedges, as well as touches of 2009's Truelove's Gutter ('Nothing Like A Friend') and Standing At The Sky's Edge ('Which Way', 'Welcome The Sun').

For the first time ever, Hawley demoed the songs in his shed studio ('Disgracelands') with his long-time guitarist and confidant, Shez Sheridan (who also co-produced the album with Hawley and Colin Elliot). This allowed him to enter the studio with fully realised songs, and many of those original demos were so strong, they form part of the finished album, including the vocal to the sublime opening track, 'I Still Want You' – Hawley at his most vulnerable and romantic, with one of those choruses that only Hawley seems capable of writing, like a ballroom spotlight on a glitterball.

In the world of HOLLOW MEADOWS, everything seems to feed into Hawley's uniquely earthy strain of mysticism. All roads seem to lead back to the same place – literally in the case of the album's title. In keeping with the tradition of previous albums, which all allude to places in and around Sheffield, Hawley alighted on the name Hollow Meadows which was thought to be the location of a hospital that existed as recently as the 1950s. In fact, further research yielded that the area was originally known as Auley Meadows – a name thought to derive from the Hawley family who lived there between the 14th and 17th Century.

The album features some notable guests from the UK folk scene; Hawley's neighbour and friend Martin Simpson, who plays slide guitar and banjo on 'Long Time Down', and Nancy Kerr, who plays fiddle and viola on 'The World Looks Down', 'I Still Want You' and 'Nothing Like A Friend'. There is also a song inspired in part by Hawley's friendship with the iconic folk singer Norma Waterson ('Heart Of Oak'). Other guests include one of Hawley's oldest and dearest friends, Jarvis Cocker, who plays Rheem Kee super bass on 'Nothing Like A Friend', and the Hick Street Chip Shop Singers, who are made up of various Sheffield luminaires, including Slow Club's Rebecca Taylor.

HOLLOW MEADOWS is an album full of exceptional songwriting, beautiful melodies and harmonies, and some of the finest lyrics and vocals Hawley has ever written and recorded. It will further cement his reputation as one of Britain's greatest songwriters of the past 15 years.

Track listing:
1. I Still Want You
2. The World Looks Down
3. Which Way
4. Serenade Of Blue
5. Long Time Down
6. Nothing Like A Friend
7. Sometimes I Feel
8. Tuesday PM
9. Welcome The Sun
10. Heart Of Oak
11. What Love Means


Sunset!! Last few days have been scorcho! So here's the sun setting over the ranmoor, ecclesall, crosspool areas of sheffield, this was taken from my back garden around 9.40 in the evening, I can never tire of watching the sun set as every evening it's completely different, let's hope for more good weather!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


The Arundel and Sidney street areas were part of Sheffields once great manufacturing heritage, an area full of little workshops with the odd larger factory dotted around, a great contrast in buildings some well over 100 years old stood side by side with the more modern buildings dating back to the 60s, yes over 50 years old and the newest buildings in the area! Cutlery, tools, silverware,jewellery etc where once the export from this area, over the years the decline of quality goods caused many of these firms to either close down or relocate to some sprawling greenbelt business park or enterprise zone,now the  empty and disused buildings are slowly coming back to life in a different form but also in a creative way.

Quite a few of the old buildings are now art spaces or gallery's or the odd coffeeshop/cafe, it's abandoned and derelict buildings are now giant canvas for the talented street and urban artists utilising this great art form, of which I will feature shortly.