Wednesday, 1 July 2015


The Arundel and Sidney street areas were part of Sheffields once great manufacturing heritage, an area full of little workshops with the odd larger factory dotted around, a great contrast in buildings some well over 100 years old stood side by side with the more modern buildings dating back to the 60s, yes over 50 years old and the newest buildings in the area! Cutlery, tools, silverware,jewellery etc where once the export from this area, over the years the decline of quality goods caused many of these firms to either close down or relocate to some sprawling greenbelt business park or enterprise zone,now the  empty and disused buildings are slowly coming back to life in a different form but also in a creative way.

Quite a few of the old buildings are now art spaces or gallery's or the odd coffeeshop/cafe, it's abandoned and derelict buildings are now giant canvas for the talented street and urban artists utilising this great art form, of which I will feature shortly.

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