Friday, 10 July 2015


Just like waiting for a bus, there's none for ages then two come at once! A return to the scene after being dormat for  what seems like the proverbial eternity, The Hawley appears with first and foremost a new bunch of songs, filled with observations, love, hate,angst and the odd ballad,all thrown in the high storrs mixer ,poured on to 12 inches of the finest black vinyl money can buy (well £17.99) and played extremely loud!
But hang on there's a tour!!! Yes the annual autumn tour and probably Hawleys biggest and most ambitious sheffield date so far, the cavernous arena!  Of course with his own twist on the frivolities, and with a nod towards the arenas locality slap bang  in what was once the epicentre of the steel industry, half of the arena is being used and turned into The Steel Hall, Yet another new venue in sheffield he will have played as a solo artist,slowly but surely the Speccy git from firth park chalks another venue of f his ever increasing list of  pubs, clubs, barrooms, chippys,tents oh and the odd concert hall, Where will it all end?

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